Advanced Application Specific Architecture Resources

About a month ago I wrote a blog on LabVIEW application architectures, but I wanted to supplement that with links to more advanced resources that are specific to certain applications and offer a more holistic insight into the task of designing your LabVIEW applications.

  • A Primer for Machine Control – If you’re building a large system for machine control using CompactRIO and aren’t sure where to start, this should help.  It includes example applications and insights into networking and how to manage multiple tasks.
  • 100+ Open-Source Reference Architectures– our systems engineering group is frequently exposed to common architectural challenges faced by LabVIEW programmers on large applications.  To keep from re-inventing the wheel, they’ve been publishing elegant solutions to these recurring problems.  Examples include Simple Messaging Reference Library, which offers an alternative to shared variables for network communication, 3D Obstacle detection for machine control applications, and a variety of example application architectures.
  • TestStand Architecture Series – as automated test systems are becoming larger and more complex, it’s becoming increasingly important to architect your code to ensure scalability, quality and re-usability.  This series of content was written largely by NI Alliance Partners who have extensive experience with applications of this nature.  The architecture applications in any language is one of the biggest challenges any software programmer faces.

Compared to the task of designing code, the task of actually developing it is often the easiest par.  Without careful consideration, many programmers get the ‘re-factor’ twinge about half-way into the development process.  If any of this sounds familiar, spend some time looking through these resources to get some insight into paradigms that might help you and your application succeed.

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