Scripting for LabVIEW Released!

After a few weeks of vacation, I’m back in Austin and have some hot news for all you Large LabVIEW App developers out there.  Scripting is now officially available!

For all you ‘rebels’ who have been using scripting for years, you can now do so with a clean conscience.  Download the installer from this link and follow the instructions to activate your new scripting license.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with scripting, this is not to be confused with scripting languages like Python or Perl.  LabVIEW scripting exposes additional VI Server properties and methods that allow more programmatic control over the development environemnt.  Why is this valuable?  For an example of what can be done with scripting, check out JKI’s new Right-Click Framework.

So why didn’t we expose this sooner?  Scripting was initially developed for internal programming purposes, but was soon discovered by LabVIEW aficionados.  Concerns regarding forward compatibility and unsupported functionality were one of the largest reasons we didn’t make this formally available before now.  For now, LabVIEW scripting resides within NI Labs and is not formally supported by the Applications Engineering group.  To discuss questions, feedback or any problems, visit the API Community.

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