Advanced Error Handling in LabVIEW

Error handling is one of the most difficult and unappreciated components of a complex application architecture.  For many LabVIEW users, the normal error wire and error case structure are adequate, but it’s not uncommon to run into scenarios that are difficult to handle with the default error handling in LabVIEW.  It’s for this very reason that a member of our systems engineering group put together the Specific Error Handler (SEH) Reference Library

The ‘Specific Error Handler’ Express VI allows a user to configure actions based on specific errors.  Perhaps most valuable of all is the fact that when an error occurs, it’s handled by an independent, a-synchronous process.  You can specify the level of criticality of errors and the appropriate course of action, be it ignore, retry, or run custom code.  For anyone developing even a modestly complex application that is struggling to handle errors, I strongly recommend visiting the link above for more inforrmation on how to download and use this free API.

2-2-2011 10-49-14 PM.png

This is an image of the configuration dialog that allows users to specify actions for specific errors.

Elijah Kerry

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