Do You Use LabVIEW OOP?

Please take a few seconds to respond to this survey regarding the use of LabVIEW classes. My impression is that LabVIEW classes have rapidly gained adoption in recent years, but I am very to interested to hear your response below.  Feel free to post comments or thoughts about your experience.



One thought on “Do You Use LabVIEW OOP?

  1. Florian Philipp

    Being a Java, C++ and LabVIEW developer, I definitely use it. I only use conventional LV programming for little functions and most GUIs — sometimes also for glue code until I get a grasp of how to model it in OOP.

    Some things that tend to annoy me:
    – Mixing XControls and objects does not go well. Last I checked, it crashed the application under certain conditions.
    – No interface inheritance. I get around it by temporarily wrapping objects in adaptors. That doesn’t always work for issue 3, however.
    – References as an afterthought. You cannot easily get a reference to an object — only to a copy of it. So if you at some point decide you need a reference, you have to change every other place where that object is used so that it uses a reference instead. I get around this by using a bit of functional programming: Build an object, then never change it.

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