Great New LabVIEW Text Book: ‘Effective LabVIEW Programming’

ImageI’m pleased to announce the newest LabVIEW text-book recently became available for purchase from NTS Press, Effective LabVIEW Programming.

In addition to being one of the first full-color LabVIEW text books, this book does an excellent job of teaching recommended programming practices for users who are pursuing their CLD, and dives deep into the design of Queued Message Handlers.

Check it out and share your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Great New LabVIEW Text Book: ‘Effective LabVIEW Programming’

  1. Unhappy Professor

    Sounds like a nice book and I would definitely consider it for adoption in my courses but NTS/NI won’t give me an examination copy so I guess I’ll just continue with the book I’m currently using 😦

  2. Gretchen Edelmon, Senior Courseware Development Manager

    My group coordinates the requests for evaluation copies. I apologize if you requested a copy and did not receive one. We did not receive a request that was denied so it is possible that your request did not get routed correctly. I apologize for any inconvenience. You can email me your information and we can coordinate your request.

  3. Carlos

    I am saddened by this article. It is pathetic in its shallowness of the topic. It does not even claim to review the book. What is the point? To point out that a book is out there? Please review the book in a thorough and useful manner, otherwise, maybe just don’t reprint press releases?

  4. Sorry to hear of your disappointment Carlos. To be clear, this was not meant to be a review; rather, it actually was meant to serve as an announcement. This blog tends to balance both brief FYIs that are seemingly relevant with longer articles of a technical nature.

    1. Carlos

      Thanks for the response, I could have been kinder in my comment earlier. I am just very accustomed to shopping for books on amazon and have come to depend on reviews from other users before making a purchase. This book isn’t available there so there is nothing to go on regarding the book’s quality or fitness for my use. I might recommend that books be reviewed when announced as that would make this blog more useful as a reliable source for information. Would just somehow need to separate review from gift of book to avoid conflicts of interest accusations.

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