Awesome CLA Summit Presentation on Scalable UIs

I’m watching Derek Trepanier present, “Making UIs that don’t Suck Using Panel Manager” and I’m impressed by the sheer amount of useful tidbits he’s sharing – to the point that I felt compelled to promote his session and the MGI Panel Manager.

I walked into the room and was immediately greeted by Chris Cilino, who adamantly proclaimed, “this is my biggest pain point!” The topic at the time revolved around creating programmatically scalable tab controls with arbitrary numbers of tabs, which Derek has elegantly solved with a framework that calls into a .NET assembly for generating tabs, which he combines with the use of a Subpanel.


Derek’s Panel Manager framework is based on the Actor Framework, and he’s showcasing how to use an object-oriented approach to build scalable user interfaces using his framework. To illustrate, he showed how to build a generic UI for an instrument that can showcase more specific device information for an arbitrary instantiation of a child, like a DMM.

For anyone that cares about building modular, scalable and flexible UIs that maximize the leverage and reuse of common UI elements, I strongly recommend checking out the Panel Manager framework, which you can download here.

This is a great illustrate of the uniquely valuable insights and expertise showcased each year at the CLA Summit.


One thought on “Awesome CLA Summit Presentation on Scalable UIs

  1. Steve Jobs

    THIS JUST demonstrate, once more, that labview is not able to do simple things on its own, and need .net interop, this and that, and tons of files to do TRIVIAL winform shenaningans

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