Who is coming to NIWeek?

NIWeek 2014 is less than a month away.  If you haven’t already, you can register and see the full list of technical sessions at ni.com/niweek.

Also, be sure to get your tickets to the LAVA BBQ, which is a great event for connecting with other passionate and experienced G developers.  Tickets are only $30 until July 11th.

One of the most valuable aspects of NIWeek for me is the opportunity to engage directly with LabVIEW programmers to discuss their applications.  If anyone is interested in getting together at NIWeek to talk shop, email me directly at Elijah.Kerry@ni.com.

See you there!


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Introduction to Object Oriented Programming for HAL Design in LabVIEW

I just recorded a webcast dedicated to introducing object oriented programming in LabVIEW with a focus specifically towards the value of the approach for the purpose of designing abstraction layers.

When introducing OOP, this webcast seeks to clarify the contrast with a non-OOP approach and illustrate why OOP lends itself towards improved scalability and extensibility.

If you’ve ever found previous attempts to learn OOP overwhelming or confusing, check out this webcast and see if it doesn’t help: Introduction to OOP and HALs

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Clean-up your LabVIEW Front Panels with this Quick Drop shortcut

I just came across an awesome new Quick Drop shortcut on labviewhacker.com – it’s a Quick Drop shortcut that will automatically clean up your front panels based on control/indicator location(s) on the connector pane.  To be clear, this is only really useful for subVIs, as it’s not really going to clean up a user-facing GUI, but it’ll still help me (and hopefully you) write cleaner, consistently good-looking code!

Download the Front Panel Quick Drop Shortcut here.

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